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Spend more time developing client relationships

From Comprehensive Wills to Health Care Directives and Charitable Trusts, draft full estate, asset management, and trust plans in minutes.

Estate Planning
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Save time by populating multiple documents at once

With multi-populate, enter client data once to bulk populate multiple documents or entire client packets.

It used to take my team a month to get documents to clients, now they can open & close a case within a week, two at the most!
— Lindsey Richard, Founding Partner, Lindsey Richard LLC

Streamline template management

Have separate documents for married and single individuals? For people with children and for those without?

With sophisticated functionality like conditional logic, drop-down menus, and formula fields, you can use one smart Word template to create every version of a document you might need.

When you need to make an update, there's only one template to change.


Make it easy for clients to give you the information you need

Use web-based questionnaires to create shareable online forms directly from your templates.

Use these forms for initial intake, data capture for document drafting, or to give your clients a simple way to inform you of any major life changes or updates.


Work more efficiently while reducing the risk of errors

Maximize productivity for your team by making templates available in a central location, while ensuring everyone is using the most current versions of your documents.

Store templates in your document collection, a fully managed cloud-based file storage system, shareable and accessible by your team wherever they might be working.


Integrate with all your apps

Woodpecker works with the tools you already use. Connect to thousands of your favorite apps and services via Zapier, or populate your templates programmatically with our robust API.

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Resources for Trust & Estate Planning and Administration


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