Community templates

Community templates are templates freely donated by Woodpecker users for anyone to use. If you’d like to submit your own templates, please let us know.

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Founder Friendly Standard®

Term Sheet

Founder Friendly Standard is a checklist for helping entrepreneurs determine if a so-called “standard” term sheet or investment contract is founder-friendly. It can help founders and investors avoid disputes around voting rights, stock vesting, non-competes, and other issues that can be initially overlooked. Read more here:


Woodpecker templates

Woodpecker templates are templates made by our team to help you get started and serve as examples of some of the amazing things that Woodpecker can do. You can populate a template below using Questionnaires or download a template to use with the Woodpecker add-in in Microsoft Word.

attorney retainer

Attorney Retainer

legal pleading

Legal Pleading

employee offer letter

Employee Offer Letter

advisory board letter

Advisory Board Letter

non disclosure agreement

Non Disclosure Agreement

confidentiality agreement

Confidentiality Agreement

expert witness retainer

Expert Witness Retainer

independent contractor agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement

website privacy policy

Website Privacy Policy Document

software referral agreement

Software Referral Agreement

health care proxy

Health Care Proxy Document

legal client non-engagement letter

Client Non-Engagement Letter

power of attorney

Durable Power of Attorney

Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation

accounts receivable past due letter

Accounts Receivable Past Due Letter

legal client engagement letter

Legal Client Engagement Letter

10 day demand letter

10-Day Demand Letter

Discovery Requests

Discovery Requests

Answer to complaint

Answer to Complaint

Petition for Divorce

Petition for Divorce


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