Effortlessly automate legal documents in Word

With Woodpecker's Word add-in, you’ll save tons of time on legal document drafting. Instantly populate simple or complex documents, saving countless hours each week.


Stop wasting time on things that can be automated

How it works


Create a template

Create a legal document template or have our professionals do it for you.

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Client intake

Populate the document or send your client a web-based questionnaire.

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Document complete

Legal document drafted in a fraction of the time with less errors.

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De-dupe your document creation process

Don't waste time duplicating the same data entry and document creation over and over.

Woodpecker's shareable online questionnaires let you automatically populate your legal documents, saving you countless hours of manual entry. Plus, you can re-use client data to generate new documents without having to request the same information again.


Improve team efficiency and simplify workflows

Ensure your team is always working with the most up-to-date version of a client document. Woodpecker stores all your templates in one centralized location, so your team can access them wherever they might be working.

And with our Multi-populate feature, you can generate multiple documents at once without having to re-enter data, saving you time and effort.


Elevate your client experience

Woodpecker takes the burden of document creation off your plate. Online questionnaires and customer profiles make client intake and relationship management simple. Now you're finally freed up to spend your time where it matters most - with your clients.


Include custom images in templates & questionnaires

Customize your clients' documents with their logos, use your own logo, or use images to guide your readers' attention. Additionally, when clients submit the information you need via Woodpecker questionnaires, they can also upload a copy of their drivers license, passport, or any other form of ID.


Our integrations

Woodpecker works with the tools you already use. Connect to thousands of your favorite apps and services via Zapier, or populate your templates programmatically with our robust API. Learn more.


Transform your document creation process