Full Woodpecker Demo

A comprehensive overview of Woodpecker and how it fundamentally changes the way you work.

  • Populating templates
  • Building templates
  • Document Collection
  • Clause library
  • Shareable Questionnaires

Zapier & Woodpecker

Learn how to automate your document drafting workflows with Zapier.

In this session we’ll learn how to automatically send follow-up emails from Outlook when someone has filled out a Woodpecker questionnaire.

See our integrations page to use the Zap templates shown in this session.

See How Easy it is to Build Woodpecker Templates

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to create Woodpecker templates.

  • See how Auto-template works
  • Create + Insert a Custom Fields
  • Create + Insert Conditional Fields
  • Reference the Value of One Field in Another Field

How to Use Woodpecker Templates

Watch this short video for a quick overview of how to use Woodpecker templates:

  • Populating a Template
  • Saving Templates
  • Uploading Templates to Document Collection
  • Multi-populating Templates
  • Generating Questionnaires

Creating Templates

Woodpecker Basics

Learn to navigate the Woodpecker platform and get familiar with the tools you need to create your first template.

  • Auto-template
  • Field types
  • Creating & inserting fields
  • Multi-populate
  • Simple conditionals

Woodpecker Advanced

Dive into the robust functionality of the platform. Learn how to use advanced features to super-charge your workflow.

  • Advanced Conditionals
  • Simple View
  • Using Macros
  • Clause Library
  • Multi-select
  • Formulas

Setting up Conditional Logic

Conditional logic, also called branching logic, can include or exclude information based on answers to specific questions or values in other fields.

* A working knowledge of Woodpecker is recommended for this course.

Working with Formulas

Formula fields bring the power of Excel into Woodpecker. Change dates, date formats, perform mathematical operations, and more.

* A working knowledge of Woodpecker is recommended for this course.


Changing Text to Uppercase

Let's say, you have a field for County in your document. In some places, the first letter is capitalized, and in other places, the whole word should be capitalized.

See how to use a Formula field to automatically convert text to uppercase.

Auto-numbering Multiline List Items

Sometimes you need to exclude or include a list item in your numbered list, depending on some condition.

Learn how to set up a Conditional Field to retain auto-numbering when a multi-line list item is added or removed.


Populating Templates

4 Ways to Populate a Woodpecker Template

Populate a Woodpecker template by:

  • Manually entering data
  • Multi-populating templates
  • Using shareable questionnaires
  • Connecting your CRM / Practice Management platform

Creating and Using External Questionnaires

Learn how to:

  • Integrate questionnaires into your workflow
  • Generate questionnaires from templates
  • Edit and send questionnaires
  • Receive populated documents


Webinars & Presentations

Are Lawyers Luddites or is Technology to Blame?

During this one-hour webinar with industry experts Bob Ambrogi (LawSitesBlog and LexBlog), Joe Patrice (Above the Law), and Jon Tobin (Counsel for Creators), we dive into the most pressing issues in legal tech today and what needs to change.

Automating the “I” in “ROI”, Alex Melehy presents at ABATECHSHOW

Woodpecker Founder & CEO Alex Melehy explains how Woodpecker's patent pending Auto-template technology automates the "I" in the "ROI" of document automation.