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With which versions of Word does Woodpecker work?
Woodpecker works with any version of Word 2013 or later (Mac, PC, Word for Office 365, Word Online). Connected experiences must be enabled in Microsoft to install add-ins.

Does Woodpecker work with PDF files?
Woodpecker is a Word add-in and only works with DOCX files. Final, completed documents can be outputted as PDF files via our API, integrations, or Word add-in.


Is Woodpecker in the cloud?
Woodpecker is a web-based / cloud-based software platform. Once installed (via our website or Microsoft AppSource), Woodpecker can be conveniently launched directly from Word, on any device without requiring device-specific licenses or logins.

How does Woodpecker secure data during transmission?
Woodpecker is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). All communications between our applications, APIs, and integrations are encrypted in transit and any data we store is encrypted at rest. Woodpecker utilizes industry standard security practices and protocols to ensure that data is anonymized & aggregated as much as possible and that we are meeting or exceeding GDPR standards and consumer privacy laws.

Does Woodpecker store my data?
Woodpecker does not store any client data unless you choose to save templates containing client data to your Document Collection or if you choose to utilize our external questionnaires feature. Woodpecker templates function locally on your own computer and never transmit form data outside of Word unless directed by the user.

How does Woodpecker secure stored data?
Stored data is obfuscated so raw data cannot be accessed via queries internally or externally. We frequently rotate API access keys & passwords, require multi-factor authentication to access all infrastructure & internal resources, and all infrastructure is protected by several Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs).

If I want to switch software, can I take my data with me?
The data you enter into Woodpecker can be downloaded to a CSV file that you can use with other software. Your data is not locked into the Woodpecker platform.

Is there additional security information available?
Please see the Security section on our Help Center for more information. If you have additional questions not covered here, please let us know.


Can Woodpecker integrate with my practice management software or CRM?
Woodpecker has an open API and a full integration with Zapier, a web automation platform that makes it easy for non-developers to connect over 3,000+ web services together. 

Does Woodpecker integrate with other applications, such as Excel?
Any application with a Zapier integration (Excel Online has one) or an open API can be integrated with Woodpecker.

Does Woodpecker have a Document Assembly component?
Woodpecker enables users to generate shareable links to online questionnaires and when submitted, populate multiple Woodpecker templates behind the scenes and email them to the appropriate parties.


Can Woodpecker convert HotDocs templates?
Our Auto-template feature will identify and convert most basic HotDocs fields (excluding conditional logic, formulas, and repeaters). If you'd like help with a conversion project, we have template development services; please reach out to us for more information. Currently we do not offer a full-functional HotDocs conversion tool outside of Auto-template.

Do you offer template conversion services?
We do. We have a template development team who can create templates for you. Just ask anyone on our team for more information.

Can I reuse client answers?
You can, and it be done a couple of different ways. By default, Woodpecker saves your input data with your document / template. Any time you open that document and launch Woodpecker, your original data will still reside within the fields in the Woodpecker side panel.

You can also use a combination of Questionnaires and our Data Management feature to save client data for future use.

How easy is it to edit Woodpecker templates?
Woodpecker templates always remain DOCX files. You can simply open the document with Word and start editing.

Woodpecker was the first document automation solution I found where the design was simple, intuitive, and user-friendly.
— Chris Harvey, Lawyer, Harvey Esquire

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